Fellowes Sit-Stand Workstations

Standing desks have been slowly making appearances in the trendiest workplaces around the world. With an increased interest in wellbeing in the workplace, possibly driven by the generational change but also by the technological advancements changing the way we work (we can communicate with the colleague at the other side of the office on Slack rather than getting up to talk to them as we used to), it seems that the future is going in that direction. The range of Fellowes Sit-Stand Workstations takes this trend into a whole new direction.

I’ve never been a fan of standing desks as the ones I’ve seen before: they are regular desks, just standing, and anyone who works a job that keeps them on their feet a lot can tell you that it isn’t as nice. The key is in the changing position, but double desks for every employees or just enough standing desks to rotate require a bigger amount of space than many offices can afford. This is where Fellowes’ genius come into play.

The range of 3 Sit-Stand solutions that allow you to modify the regular sitting desk to switch to a standing desk. They also offer standing platforms to make standing more comfortable.
The workstations are easy to set up and accommodate existing workstations, whether you have a regular rectangular desk of one of the more modern designs.

Lotus Sit-Stand Workstation

The Lotus™ Sit-Stand Workstation is very easy to use. The patent-pending Smooth Lift Technology (which I have tested at a presentation) keeps the workstation stable while allowing to change the position to one of the 22 different height settings (so you can find the perfect one for you) with minimal effort even on the first attempt (so it’s due to become second nature when working with one all the time). The innovative cord management and device charing slot not only makes it possible to allow the workstation to move freely, but also keeps it nice and tidy. And the best feature? It comes already assembled and ready to crack on. The Lotus™ is the workstation in the range that works for those of us who work from laptops.
(The monitor arms like in the 2nd picture are sold separately).

Extend Sit-Stand Workstation

If you work with a traditional monitor, whether one or two screens, the Extend™ is a sleek and convenient solution. With less space taken than the Lotus™ while keeping the same characteristics, and a monitor arm that swivels 180º, it’s a more dynamic workstation fit for a creative and collaborative environment. It reaches up to 1016mm.

EasyGlide™ Sit-Stand Work Platform

The EasyGlide™ Sit-Stand Workstation takes the collaborative aspect to the next level. Similar to the Extend™, it only reaches to 560mm but the gas spring mechanism also enables screen-sharing and collaborative working.

The range is created around the needs of a modern workplace, Research has uncovered which tasks benefit more from being in a position rather than another, and your common sense probably gives you an idea of what they are (I aimlessly wander around my kitchen a lot when trying to think). Creativity is enhanced by standing, while focus by sitting down. Research also backs the Fellowes 4 Zone Approach: the answer to sitting down is not standing, it’s changing position. Regular changes of position (every 60-90 minutes at worst) have a bigger impact on our health than just standing the whole time.

As a designer, I start all of my work from the lived experience of the people who would use the space, so I’m very much on board with Fellowes’ starting point of highlighting health hazards and finding solutions that are convenient to implement. You can find more information about the range on their website www.fellowes.com (please note they sell through third party suppliers, and in the UK I would recommend Viking as they are the ones who organised the presentation that allowed me to test the range for myself before writing this). You can see the products in action in their videos, one of which I have attached below but all of them available on their Youtube channel.

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