Flowers and plants for the home, for him and her

We have already talked about flowers and plants for him and for her. This last instalment is about finding the balance between the two when there are women and men in the same household, whatever the arrangement. The series is meant to be a general guide, so there are some generalisations based on psychology and how we perceive flowers, but the most important thing is what you actually like, and we are here if you want to discuss anything specific, just leave a comment, tweet us or shoot us an email.

One of the conditions of modern life, especially in big cities, is the rise of the house-share. Just like a couple building a home together, these houses should be decorated in a way that makes everyone feel at home, and not like they are trespassing on someone else’s space all the time.
Plants are the easy option to bring a bit of nature and freshness into the space. There are many plants that are low maintenance but still beautiful and stylish.

The Aspidistra (also known as Cast Iron Plant) was a favourite in the Victorian age and would look as great next to a Chesterfield sofa as a more modern design, like a corner sofa. It grows to about 1mt height.
Another small plant to suit small spaces is the Variegated Snake Plant, which grows up to about 75cm. A cheap option that looks exotic, but is also very versatile in terms of interior styles.Another exotic plant that is versatile is the East African Fern Arum, which is particularly ideal if you want a plant that develops towards the ceiling with minimum width but still looks rich.

If leaves spreading are not an issue, a short plant that opens beautifully is the Dragon Plant (Lemon Lime). An inexpensive plant, it grows upwards, so takes little space on the floor, but has beautiful arching leaves that can be as long as 60cm. It is the most colourful of the plants we’ve seen so far, with yellow tones throughout the year and the full range of shades in autumn, so it may be harder to style in houses with less neutral colour schemes, but is otherwise suitable to most styles. For those who have no problems with space, the Elephant’s Foot is another low maintenance plant. Earning its name from the fact it grows up to 2 meters, this evergreen from Mexico is a flourishing tall plant in a delicate shade of green, full of long, thin foliage. It suits modern designs, and adds a touch of lushness to the most minimalists of interiors.

If you want to go for flower arrangements, compromising in the choice of shapes and colours is one way to go. If we follow the rule of thumb (illustrated in our previous articles) that men prefer tall, linear flowers and bold colours and women round shapes in pastel colours, you could choose an elegant white orchid, or a bouquet of red peonies instead of the pink ones you see all over the lifestyle blogosphere. Small pot evergreens and bonsai plants are also popular and versatile. The possibilities are endless, and we have plenty of inspirations in our Pinterest board.

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