Hygge for the Summer

This past winter, this weirdly-pronounced word (it’s Danish) was all the rage in Britain. In our dark and cold nights, the idea of “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or wellbeing” just seemed the perfect antidote to feeling of bleakness worthy of a Dickens’ novel. However, hygge is about intentional living, not curling up on the couch with tea and a soft woollen blanket per se. As Britain approaches the season when it’s socially acceptable to host a barbeque no matter whether the sun is actually out, and sales of Pimm’s skyrocket, there is no need to be jealous of our Danish cousins across the sea: hygge for the summer is something most of us have already been doing, we just didn’t have a fancy word to make us feel like we were on trend.

Pic-nic, barbecues and outdoors eating

Soft-furnishing is a big part of our idea of cosy in winter, and the great thing about cushions is that they come with covers you can buy separately and change. If you don’t already change them to suit the season, now it’s a good time to start.

Floral, nautical, boho-chic or just in your favourite colour, most seasonal patterns are evergreens that don’t go out of fashion next year, and anyway I’m a firm believer that living intentionally is, for most of us, about figuring out our style and what make us tick isn’t running from trend to trend (although it is for some people, and that’s OK).

Hygge is about savouring the feeling of charming moments, so what makes us happy is a good rule of thumb for purchasing things for our homes.

Candles are another hygge thing of the winter that can be brought into the summer. In Scandinavia, perfumed candles are used at all times of day to brighten up the space, both literally and metaphorically. If you host a dinner in the evening, when the sun will set, it’s always beautiful to see candles all around the table. They are also an easy object to play with for DIY for the clumsy (like me), and a good way of reusing glass jars and bottles for a rustic-chic flavour.

Another way to cosy up your summer is to ditch the bland white plastic in favour of decorated plates. We are a big fan of owning ceramic sets for 12, but space isn’t always ideal for that and you may be throwing an even bigger party (can we come?) When it comes to eco-friendly party supplies, we love the stylish collections by Little Cherry.

So fill up the space with cushions and lights, and have your friends come over to share delicious food and drinks together (and if it’s a potluck meal you don’t even have to cook for everyone).
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Brighten up your interiors

You can’t always be outdoors surrounded with friends, but conviviality isn’t all that there is to hygge. Candles to spread good smells around the room are a nice treat to yourself too. Some candles also come as decorative objects in themselves, like for instance the Alice in Wonderland collection by Simply Imperfected or the simple but elegant wave candles by Maiden, or the amazing creations by Israeli artist Eve Fayerman and so many more.

Spreading flowers around the house is also a great way to add colour, perfume and a sense of peace. Most round flowers like for example peonies, roses and orchids add a touch of femininity, while varieties such as Bird of Paradise, Calathea, Calla and Thistle are a stylish addition to a bachelor’s pad. However, colour and composition are key to create a specific image to suit your style, as well as the way they sit in the room décor, so you don’t have to worry if you’re a man who loves roses or a woman who loves callas (like me).

Buying a cute tea or coffee set to make a proper brew instead of just grabbing a mug of instant beverages is also a small change to the environment, and your routine, that allows you to stop and savour the moment.

Hygge for the home is all about making the domestic life more beautiful with simple rituals and being more intentional and present instead of overwhelmed with all the tasks that need attending to. It’s a state of mind that follows you everywhere, too.

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